Sunday, August 5, 2012

Like looking at a half drunk dirty martini in a plastic cup

Life in Canberra is like that and you can look at it two ways. Being the never (well hardly ever) wavering optimist I think that dirty martini is half full. And it's flipping handy that it's in a plastic cup. And no, the cup isn't disposable, it's just easy and fun.

The thing about Canberra is that people come and go - it's just that kind of place. But some of them, you just hang on to because they end up being wonderful, generous, good friends. Yeah, the bad thing is they go in the first place, but you can't ignore that this little country city connects people well. Beyond all the cliches of public servants and politicians, there is now a world of wonderful people that Canberra has given me: London, Brisbane, Manila, Delhi, Sydney, Dubai, Melbourne (to name a few)...and now two peeps begin an adventure in the middle east. Godspeed my friends, it'll be the best.

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