Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A funny thing happened at church the other day...

Don't be surprised, going to church in Austria is mandatory, even for a heathen like me. So I was sitting in church on Sunday, and I thought..."those kids look like the priest, I bet he makes his kids come and do all that alter stuff."

Then I remembered I was in a Catholic church and I lol - ed  a bit out loud.

Then after church I was told that the priest wasn't a proper priest as such and he was married with children. Stop the bus. That is tres progressive, but has someone told the Pope? I'm not sure it is legal in the Catholic sense, but would be happily be proven wrong.


  1. That post-sunday roast red wine I mentioned in that other comment is urging me to type something very inappropriate here re catholicism and priests and kids.

  2. Same, and I didn't have roast and red wine!