Sunday, August 19, 2012

Life is an autobahn

What is there not to love about a country where you can hop off a 12 hour flight, grab a hire car and manage to navigate yourself out of the city onto the #3 without a map, all before sunset. 

Then a two hour drive through forests, and if I looked in the rear mirror the sky turning pink. Past the odd castle, wind farms, grape vines and fields of sunflowers burnt by the summer sun. In a little fiat with a sunroof, doing a top of 165.

Oh Autobahn. I do love thee.

I also love that the first thing I see whilst checking into this weird highway hotel, is an overweight sausage dog waddling to his room with his owners.  Germany you fucking rock.

1 comment:

  1. Wir fahrn fahrn fahrn auf die Autobahn
    Wir fahrn fahrn fahrn auf die Autobahn

    (Sorry. a bit late in catching up as usual, and also i'm posting after the sunday roast and red wine.)