Friday, October 1, 2010

RIP yabster...

Let me set the scene...things have been pretty busy at the yellow house, and there has been an air of awkwardness (bordering on crapness). To cheer the house up, I went and bought a stack of seafood as a treat and opened up a nice bottle of Croser.

I was peeling prawns and then got to the pretty yabbie. Hello yabbie, wouldn't it be funny if I took some photos with you and the yellow house dog.

Look Barney - here is your new pet, the yabster.

Hey Barney - give the yabster a kiss.

After about two minutes of posing, the yabster violently arches his back and thrusts forward...suddenly coming to life. I toss him on the floor and somehow manage to record the ensuing drama. RIP yabster.

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