Saturday, October 16, 2010


So today I spent several hours painting one wall badly. You would think that someone with a degree in fine arts (minoring in painting) wouldn't mind painting a wall. You'd be wrong to think that. I HATE PAINTING. I'm bad at it, I'm impatient with it, I'm sloppy and it always ends up looking totally ugly. Well not looks okay at first glance, but then once you look a little closer you'll notice the uneven brushstrokes, the drips onto the floor, the going over the edges. Imagine a 4 year old and a colouring book - and you have me with house painting. Even thinking about it while typing makes me feel like punching something.

I started off with the best intentions. I bought masking tape to tape the edges, and a special implement designed for painting around edges - but the tape kind of wouldn't stick, and the implement was good - so good I used it to paint the main part of the wall which meant it ended up being saturated in paint. This meant it could no longer do nice neat edges = fail.

So tomorrow I will now have to fix up the bits I stuffed up, which will mean I'll end up stuffing the bits I did today, and as you can see the vicious cycle will continue.


  1. But at least you're doing it and for someone who has an arts degree that doesn't involve the fine arts or brush strokes, that's pretty impressive! Want to come over and do my place?

    No, really?

  2. I have a good track record for other peoples places. I actually take the due care and time needed to do a good job. Just find it difficult justifying it on walls I need to look at EVERY DAY! I'd love to come and help you out...twould be a cinch if we were talking about the more neighbourly house in the 'bundah.

  3. You have my sincerest sympathy. You may remember me having to paint my bedroom at our old house in Cromer. My vague memory is that maybe the intention was for me to do some other rooms too, but I think I did so bad a job that mum wisely gave up on that idea. Oh, and I don't think I did the job deliberately badly, I think I was just inept.