Monday, June 7, 2010

My Place & Yours -the view through your window

This weeks theme comes via me! I thought it would be fun to see through everyone's windows. Go over to Hello Owl to look at the rest.

I don't have many windows I look through, you know, with a view and all that. Come to think of it I don't look outside through the windows at all. I think I have too much stuff inside my house to distract me.

Most of my windows are small and poky. I do look out the kitchen window from time to time, to see what the weather is like.

And my bedroom window to see what is happening in the outside world. Today we had a big frost, and the condensation made it hard to see. Or maybe there isn't much happening out there at all.

Some of my other windows have crackled glass, so you can't see out or in. But the window sills make a good spot to store things.

But my favourite window of all, is the laundry window, and it isn't because of the view to outside, unless you are keen on old car ports and tin sheds. I love it because at night, from the outside looking in, you can see the glow of the big golden heart which is my home.


  1. this is a great theme! i love your glowing heart... it must look so welcoming and inviting from the outside - i would want to come in and meet you!

    linda :) x

  2. The heart light is wonderful! Thanks for letting me peek through your windows.

  3. wow I loved looking through your window. I am a huge fan of the heart light. Thanks for picking this theme, it was fun :-)and for dropping by and leaving a comment.

  4. I <3 the heart! Will be showing that one to MIML™ and suggesting we make one! Thank-you so much for the theme too!