Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Place & Yours -Things in your home that make you smile

This weeks theme is things in your home that make you smile. Check it out over here.

There are a million things in my home which make me happy. This makes me smile every day. Why? Well when I was growing up I had a set of kissing cousins, like these. They came from a trip back to the homeland when I was little. I loved them! The magnets in their lips meant that when you placed them near each other the boy and girl would lean forward and kiss.

Growing up my mother had the terrible habit of throwing everything away. I mean everything. Have I ever told you the story about my bike? I was changing the inner tube on the tyre, she figured that meant the bike was broken and put it into the council clean up pile. The next day the man up the road thanked me for the bike. He fixed the tyre and his daughter loved her new bike. I hadn't even had the chance to notice it was missing...

So the kissing cousins ended up who knows where, and about 5 years ago I thought about how I'd like to replace them, you know - something to remind me about growing up. I looked on ebay and online, without any luck so pretty much gave up. Fast forward 12 months and I'm in Mitte in Berlin, browsing in a shop....and guess what I found?

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