Sunday, June 27, 2010

Canberra still surprises

Today was an extraordinary day in Canberra town. Perfect winter day. I used to always take the dog of the yellow house out and about, and somehow got out of the habit. So we got into the car and took off for the lake. This walk is our secret and it takes you past craggy rocks, and winding paths overlooking the water. The light was just perfect, silver flickering reflections on the water clear.

He went for a swim and then to dry off I took him for a bush walk. We walked down the hill through the gum trees and came across and old chimney with what looked like smoke seeping from the top. It can't have been smoke but it was so pretty and I've never ever seen it there before. A big old chimney in the middle of the bush, all on its own.


  1. Isn't it a bit cold for a swim?

  2. Never too cold - he once went into a canal that was frozen over!

  3. What a glorious Canberra day.
    It's honestly one of the main things that I'm missing about Canberra - the weather... Oh and the fact that I live with my parents and keep being told how to live me life!

    Melbourne is so dreary and wet, though today we did have a freezing crisp clear day...

    Oh the memories!

  4. And maybe you miss your friend? But you are right - the weather this time of year is wonderful!

  5. PS - that was meant to read FRIENDS. Not singular ;)