Thursday, October 29, 2009


Sometimes I like spying at Barney out the window when he doesn't know I'm watching.

Right now, in the dead of the night, I'm watching him retrieve a bone he has hidden in tall grass...and in the space of writing this he has now found a different hiding spot to snaffle it away for later.

I used to watch him hide bones when he was a pup. He would hide them in the most ridiculous places...behind doors and under pillows. As he grew older he copped on and would wait until I had stopped watching to find the good spots.

I also used to spy on him as I'd come home. I'd sneak inside and watch through the window. He would be chasing bees, or just sitting in the sun. I once caught him throwing the frisbee to himself. That made me so happy, watching that black and white dog clumsily throw a frisbee in the air just to chase it along the lawn.

Barney has really aged the last six months, but every now and then he still surprises me with his puppy ways. I love that dog.

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