Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Got me a Lenny Briscoe!

For the past year or so I've been telling anyone who would listen, that I wanted to get me a sausage dog...and when I got him I was going to name him Lenny Briscoe.

The reason why I so wanted a sausage dog was because of this little guy below. His name was Good Times and I met him in a bar in the Village in New York. His owner just carried him in, in a little case, and for most of the night he got to snuggle with me.

So in the end I thought, you know what? I'm just going to go out and get one. B-Head will just have to get used to a two dog household....


  1. oh wow - best news of the month!
    wonderful wonderful - I hope you 3 are all joyfully happy together.

  2. I tricked...I wish it was true, but B-Head is glad it isn't. He eats sausages

  3. oh.
    now i feel deflated. I always hope tales of more dogs are true though, I tell myself every day if I get out of bed and go to work I can have a puppy when I get home..
    i thought they (Lenny and B-Head) would make some kinda touching greeting card couple of rough frisbee munching working dog and sleek little companion - all opposites attract. I had not thought of the sausage connotations though. Could be tricky.