Thursday, June 7, 2018

36 hours in Vancouver Island: what I did and how I did it

Here's my first tip. If you haven't driven a car for two years, maybe don't pick the middle of the CBD mid morning to pick up your hire car. Just saying. 

The other thing to consider. GPS. First time I've hired one and won't be the last. Amazing lady accompanied me the entire way. Never got lost, but did get sick of her telling me to U-Turn.

Other other thing.... ferry travel with car takes a while as you have to build in the additional wait time at the terminal. If I'd thought of that a little more I would have headed off earlier.

I took the ferry from the terminal nearest Vancouver airport...the name is really long and I'm sorry I can't be bothered to look it up, but the trip was deadset easy in terms of getting on and off the ship and the view as you make your way across to the island is breathtaking. 

I decided to stay outside of Victoria, the main city in a place called Sooke. My airbnb was a perfect rustic little cabin right on the shore. I could have stayed there a lifetime, honestly one of the most beautiful places I've ever stayed.

Before I drove to my cabin though I stopped by the Public Market in Victoria to pick up some produce for my stay. Next hot tip. Don't bother. It's a half kind of opened market with not much to offer, but has potential and if you want to eat in - but for fresh produce, it ain't the place to shop.

In seeking an alternative supermarket I spied bottle shop for some local beers. Like Vancouver, the Island has many craft breweries so it was great to pick up some local beers and head to the cabin to hunt for pine cones, drink beer, eat olives and daydream.

Aside from that, Vancouver Island has some great hikes, fabulous vistas and lots of terrifying signs warning you off bears and stop Astoria.

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