Friday, February 2, 2018

This is how we weekend

Late night dumplings, dog walks to coffee....virtually lunch, so we guess it's Yum Cha time. Long drive to the Botanical Gardens with glasshouses filled with cacti and groves of the biggest palms you'll ever see. A private tour with our favourite botanist and topical discussions defining mulch.

Ice-cream is a revelation then rendezvous with the dog for sneaky beers, followed by whiskey highballs and Japanese food with good company (sans dog). Speakeasy's and people watching followed by a bike gang ride through the tunnel, hiding from the neon lights. Then beers at the coolest beer place in this town with everyone's favourite dog Suzi Q. Late starts with blueberry pancakes, more coffee and yum cha - taking shelter from the cold. More bike gangs to galleries, and all the beautiful laneways of Dongshankou. And the very last: tile shops and records and we're done. 

Sad / happy to say bye bye - such easy friendships can be hard to find in these parts (though I've been very lucky on that count). But next stop is Canberra town where there are trees to talk about, dogs to walk, beers to drink and sourdough for everyone.

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