Sunday, February 25, 2018

Guangzhou Flower Market

I posted about the flower markets here  but I didn't really make any reference to where they are or how to get there. 

Catch line 5 (the red one) all the way to the very end at Jiaokou. When you exit the station, you go to the right and walk towards the overpass. Basically towards all the people walking TO the station with their trollies full of flowers. Walk down the overpass and again turn to the right and you'll find yourself walking past some shops and cafes. At the first set of lights cross the road to the other side, walk under a little kind of tunnel and there you are! 

The flower markets start with shops full of pots and things, but after a block if you veer to the left and eventually you'll get to a massive under cover area full of flowers! 

Watch out for the beep beeps! 

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