Monday, December 5, 2016

Fanging around G to the Z

Today I decided to ride a bike across the city to Lock Chuck, my favourite coffee hang. It's only about 4 metro stops away, or around a 20 minute trip - but the ride was a little bit daunting. 

Think about a movie...maybe something like Bladerunner. So we are talking expressways on multilevels with twists and turns, roundabouts and concrete everywhere. And me on a bike, with my google maps. And then imagine how exhilarating it feels to be fanging around on a bike with cars next to you, above you, and all around you. Like hundreds of cars...but there you are, a girl on a bike on the way to get coffee. Just like what you would do in Canberra times about 25 million. And it feels great. And it's such an achievement to be like everyone else. 

Pylons of concrete towering around you, tunnels and crossings and roundabouts to your left and right. One minute you're scooting under an expressway in a tunnel - head crouched, and the next there are massive pylons and you are in the middle of a world of grey concrete with traffic flying above. How to feel like you belong and feel like such an outsider all at once. That was today and it was the best.

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