Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hong Kong weekend - from Belon to beach in 24 hours

You'd never know it, by the amount of times I end up there - but I really never ever used to like Hong Kong. Long story involving a boy and a broken heart.

Fast forward to today, and I guess as a result of sheer overexposure, this wonderful island two hours south has earned a place in my heart. Where else can you be drinking organic French wines and eating refined food one minute, then in the midst of sky scrapers, then hiking in the wilderness the very next morning? All short taxi rides away.

And the buildings! The beautiful pastel high rises, all banked on top of each other and glorious in tone. The silver sky scrapers edging towards to the harbour, circled by inner city expressways. 

The food - how is Hong Kong just down the road from China but also a world away? Fine dining (Belon!!), street food, ice-cream, great coffee and french cheese to slip across the border. Did I mention ice-cream? And the wilderness. Well wilderness might be a stretch but there is something wonderful about being 20 minutes away from the CBD and able to go for a 3 hour hike to a pristine beach. Where else can you do that? Yeah, Sydney and San Francisco come close but not with the same intensity, diversity and big city feel. 

Nup. Hong Kong is all that. And I like it. 

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