Monday, August 22, 2016

Beijing Part 1 - Panjiayuan Flea Market

It started off with a list of ridiculous things I wanted to do and ended up being the perfect introduction (of things I like) to Beijing. Think many dogs, flea markets, old laneways, bike rides and photos.

First stop: vintage heaven.The biggest antique market full of things and it should go on the record that I showed much restraint on this day. So. Much. Enamel.  And with my track record of awkward purchases whilst travelling (etched glassware, 1950's radio, set of ceramic bowls etc etc etc) I did pretty good just to pick up one medium sized vintage mirror* which is currently on loan in Beijing. 

Biggest regret? Not going back to pick up he enamel bowl with a beautiful red squirrel design. You can never have too much enamel.  Or squirrel.

Directions for next time: Panjiayuan Bridge, East 3rd Ring Road South, Chaoyang District

*read just over carry on suitcase size

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