Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Memories and full circles

It's 1.28am at the time of writing this and we have had more than our fair share of whiskey and on my way to bed I think of how many memories we share...all six of us in this house.

I remember us in Tomich drinking in that tiny pub, waiting for the evening light to fade into darkness but it never did because we were in Scotland. In Summer. Where it was light until 1am. And the next day, I drove us all the way from the highlands to the city, still probably half drunk with the worlds biggest hangover.  Wow, those were the days. So many years ago...before all of this.

And then the oldest, there was the time when we were circling London on the way back from Spain. You were not yet one but you held my hand because I was scared.  We landed okay but then they lost my luggage. There was a lot to remember from that Spain trip and all of it was fun.

And I remember being in the car in Bowral town picking the middle one up from school. You were asked about your lunch only to be too honest (or feisty)  to declare you never touched it. Your mum said you had to eat the 6 hour old chicken sandwich - which had been without refrigeration because she was so mad (you were whippet thin). I said to you real quiet - "next time just tell her you ate it"

Then the youngest, there was the time we read Little House On The Prairie one summer. You in your bedroom at the Shepherd Street house. It was either that book or the Waltons or something like that. You had such a passion for reading and the smarts of someone years beyond your ripe old age of ten.

Then the final summer before I came here. All of us together before eating a belated Christmas dinner. Enjoying each others company - lingering around the big table. I remember saying it was great that things had come full circle.

And here we are again right now. In flipping China! And look at your enthusiasm and excitement of being here. You are all trying to say things like locals and taking stuff in your stride. This will all become a memory too, but I wanted to write it here now so it would be with us forever.

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