Thursday, April 7, 2016

China - the weeks that were

You can always tell when I'm busy. The blog has lots of photos and no words. A lovely friend mentioned that she misses the words that sometimes appear on this blog, so I thought I'd take a few minutes to catch up before bed. 

It has been a busy month of visits, with some more lovely people coming my way in less than a week. It's great to see peeps, but then the lull when they go. I don't know, it kind of prompts moments of reflection I suppose. Some good and some a bit silly. And something seems to happen to the subconscious too - the last few nights I've had all sorts of weird and vivid dreams (or maybe that's too much cheese before bed? We'll never know).

And here we've been making our own fun with jaffle lunches and pizza dinners and crazy games of putt putt golf. Badminton on Tuesday always makes me smile and I just want to pinch myself. There on the court, such the odd one out. The sound of sneakers squeaking on the hard court floor and the ever present waft of cigarette smoke. It is one of those moments in China where I just can't stop smiling.

Other news? The weather is warming up and it's already quite humid as I watch the seasons change via the fruit market's seasonal range. From week to week this changes and this week we've seen a move from pomelo's firmly into pear season. The tropical fruit is also edging out the citrus, with sellers peddling wagons filled with fruit on sticks. I look forward to the time where passionfruit is in abundance, sold in huge wicker baskets at the entry to my local metro station.

It's funny, things here are so absolutely normal and abnormal all at once. Such an odd sensation. I'm lucky to have formed such great friendships in G to the Z. And while I miss so much,mostly everyone is just an email, Facebook post (or WeChat for those who have committed to the cause) or a call away. I treasure those conversations and interactions. Just so you know. 

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