Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Commune Social

Many months ago there was a trip to Shanghai, where I saw the worlds biggest dog be friends with the worlds smallest dog. I also saw a lot more pewter mugs (what is with that?!?!) and spent time with some fun people. I also ate food that reminded me the most of Canberra, in that fussy / complex techniques kinda way. That sound like I meant that to be a bad thing. I don't. I'm just lazy tonight and can't think of the words to better describe the food. How about fresh produce, innovative menu and creative techniques (and not Chinese). Oh and lamb chops.

To be honest I don't remember too much detail given the time lag. I do remember the restaurant had an excellent fit out, great cocktail list, and in addition to the shared plates - a fantastic dessert menu.

Would definitely go back which is why I'm writing about it here (so I remember it!) 

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