Saturday, February 20, 2016

Friday night sounds

I've written about the Go-Betweens a lot on this blog. Sometimes I miss them, which is a stupid thing to write really, because how to you miss a band? I guess I miss the memories of seeing them in Canberra at Tilley's. I miss the time when Grant McLennan was alive. I miss listening to The Friends of Rachel Worth and being amazed that they still had it. I miss listening to Cattle and Cane and thinking about Brisbane. Most of all I miss getting lost in the words of Robert Forster and Grant Mclennan.  Nothing more to say.

Love Goes On - Go-Betweens

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  1. I remember not really liking the Go-Betweens back in the day, though I did think "Cattle and Cane" was an ok song. Then later I came to appreciate that song more and more as a work of genius. And later still got a compilation of theirs and appreciated how good more of their songs were.

    But when they reformed (without Lindy and Amanda) I wasn't much taken with the few tracks I did hear on the radio. Was bummed when I heard Grant McLennan had died thought. I never did see them live, though I did see Robert Forster at All Tomorrow's Parties and was thoroughly bored. The whole being greater than the sum of the parts and all that.