Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sean's Kitchen, Adelaide

I sat at the bar, overlooking the kitchen pass. I drank a martini #3, which was a dry martini (Australian gin) with blue cheese filled olives. I ate two oysters. I tasted apple and cherry cider, but opted for a New Zealand sparkling wine.

I watched the busy kitchen - turning meat in the wood fired oven, rolling pastry for dessert, char grilling slabs of beef. I had the best linguine with big chunks of crabs. Inspired by the pastry chef I ate a donut with meringue and some sort of lemon curd ice-cream. I listened to the Church (unguarded moment), the Dandy Warhols (bohemian like you) and PJ Harvey (the song where she sings about little italy).

I then squealed in delight when I got the bill hidden inside a beautiful, letter pressed envelope - including a pack of heirloom tomato seeds.

If you are in Adelaide go. Sit and watch the kitchen team. Drink good booze. Eat great uncomplicated food. Sing out loud to yourself like you are at karaoke.  Then get excited by vegetable seeds.

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