Friday, June 26, 2015

Goodbye yellow house

I'd be lying if I'd said the last week has been easy. It has been challenging for more reasons than many of you would know. 

And today there was this interesting coincidence...just as I was packing up the last bits of my house, I looked beyond the empty room towards the garden. In the corner of my eye I spied there was Barney on the floor - in that weird little jar that I was asked to arrange all that time ago.  Sitting in the middle of a very empty room in a very empty house. 

It was right that there were tears today. That house has a lot of memories for all of us. I'll miss its creaky floors and tin roof. I'll miss the view as I arrive home from work - a skyline of suburbia with the brightest stars fighting to make their way through the pink hues of sunset. 

I'll miss the dinners, the breakfasts and making pots of tea.  I'll miss the daphne that is just about to bloom (why couldn't it just come out a few days early?!?) and I'll miss that perfect time of the year when winter turns to spring. The thing that I'll miss most though, is knowing that you all know where I'm at in this house. That I'm there to talk to, or to invite on bike rides, or to grab coffee or to sit by the heater and drink pots of tea. That's what I'll miss the most. That and the dog.

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