Friday, July 11, 2014


The first interaction I had today was with a stranger who made me blush and smile. It was while I was thinking about how great that is - you know, when people who don't even know you can say the perfect thing and make your day... that I spied this stranger who melted my heart. 

She was sitting outside - suitcase beside her, wearing her finest, with a feather in her hat. Talking on her mobile phone I heard her say that she had just arrived and was wearing her 'red outfit'. Just beautiful. I then remembered several months ago seeing an equally well dressed elderly gentleman at the mall down the road. He was doing his grocery shopping wearing trousers, shirt, jacket and a hat. I think these two would be the perfect match.  

I wanted to tell her that I thought she looked beautiful and that she was the most stylish woman in town. I wanted to return the favour of a stranger and make her smile. I also wanted to set her up with the grocery shopping, hat wearing man. But she kept talking on her phone and I got my coffee and that was the end of that.

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