Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tilley's Canberra

Tilley's is the perfect place to spend a rainy afternoon with friends. Yes, there are a few things wrong with the place but there is also so much right. The dimly lit room, the booths, the love hearts reserving tables, the music and the atmosphere. 

I spent nearly every day for seven years of my working life walking to Tilley's for a takeaway coffee. It was a great way to shake things off - a walk through the streets of Lyneham chatting (mostly aimlessly and sometimes seriously) and taking in the sights. Fake lawn, concrete statues, sheep and the odd dog. 

On non work days there were dinners and drinks and listening to amazing live music. Yesterday saw a mix of friends catching up, parents with toddlers, students on laptops and reading big books and an older crowd of couples - cute and still in love. And three girls shrieking from time to time like a bad episode of girls. It really is a Canberra institution. 

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