Friday, May 23, 2014

Looking up at the nighttime sky, looking down at the city lights below

What is with me and cars and planes? 

I always become so melancholic - thinking just a little too much. Sometimes I daydream about things that end well, but then I temper that with the reality of how things really are. It's a roller coaster of daydreaming, that's what it is. That, mixed with a bit of turbulence and some terrible biscuit snacks.

This morning as I flew into the sunrise I thought that it was lovely to be so close to you in the sky. Then I realised I don't believe in any of that and wondered where that thought came from. 

And as I flew into Canberra tonight, I couldn't help but see myself sitting on the back step of the little yellow house, looking into the dark. I often took a moment there to sit with you and to look at the Melbourne planes coming into land. And here I was on that very plane looking at the city lights below. I closed my eyes... and for a second I could see myself looking up at the night time sky, with you sitting next to me. Like you always did. You know, there was just the perfect amount of room for the two of us there on that back step. Moments like these, I hope to never forget.

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