Thursday, September 26, 2013

Half camping - Wadi Rum

As part of the Jordanian road trip involving one and a half men*and a lady (and her part baby) I went on a half camping adventure in Wadi Rum (google it). Why is this classified as half camping? 
  • We didn't pitch our tents and we were going to sleep outside (but didn't due to high wind) but did sleep in a tent. 
  • We didn't brush our teeth at night (but did in the morning). 
  • We slept in our clothes. 
  • We roasted marshmallows. 
  • We didn't shower even though there was a shower available. 
THAT HAS TO BE HALF CAMPING. And my friends, half camping is the closest I've ever been to camping given I've been advised the time I went to sleep outside in a tent in my backyard, only to retreat indoors midway through the night, does not count.

* one man participated from day 1 in the late evening and a second man joined us on day 3. This averages as 1.5 men over the entire road trip.

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