Sunday, December 9, 2012

Nothing like a long lunch

The last time I ate here, it was a completely different season a cool autumn day - and an occasion too! The wedding of two wonderful friends who were married on that pretty lawn under the fading light of day. 

This time the occasion was a relaxing long lunch with friends in a private room of the house. Which, lets face it - was really the best placement of our group, who on occasion have been know for being quite loud. An amazing entree of zucchini flower stuffed with risotto, with fresh baby calamari and squid ink. Then a pie of broad bean and veal, on a bed of mash with kale and the bite of vinegar anchovies. It all ended with an apple bavarois. 

The sunny sky and perfect heat, a stroll in the garden full of artichokes and spring onion flowers. Then a drive back into town via unsealed roads and rolling hills of of beached yellow grass. Makes you wonder why you don't just do this sort of thing every weekend.

Grazing at Gundaroo.

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