Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mocan and Green Grout

It's true. This is the hippest place in Canberra. Lucky the food is amazing enough to distract you from the tiny chairs, uber hipsters and cramped environs. That said, the tiny chairs, uber hipsters and cramped environs actually adds to the charm.

Also, did you know (now we are in post-hipster phase) that it is hip NOT to take photos of your fresh line caught snapper, trout with liquorice, perfect oyster, spatchcock, potato with fried capers, etc etc....?


  1. I stumbled across it a few weeks back while at a seminar at Rydges. I figured it was the latest cool place. I like the plants outside and there was a lovely old Volvo parked nearby (I wasn't very hip and took a photo of it on my phone).