Thursday, December 8, 2011

Elvis is not a noob, but sometimes I am

I'm thinking of entering the art competition as part of the Elvis Festival held at Parkes. This is where I would normally include the link, but I'm doing this one on the fly and you may have observed, posts have been a bit infrequent of late for a number of reasons for which I won't bore you. Geez after all that I could have just linked....What a *noob!

So thinking about my awesome Elvis artwork, I remembered a previous drawing that is too hideous not to share. I believe it was around year 9 in high school...picture with dog is purely to indicate scale.

* noob is my new favourite word courtesy of a non noob work friend. It means noob.


  1. firstly, i don't think the picture is that bad! i think it's pretty good for a year 9 karin!
    secondly, i think you're meant to use two zeros instead of letter 'o's when writing n00b!