Sunday, December 4, 2011


I had dinner with the Russian gypsy last night. This shouldn't get confused with the other two gypsy friends I have, because this third one is a real gypsy.

Anyway we were talking about crushes, and you know...I have not had a solid crush since the Belgium...actually that is a lie because there was one other crush but we don't talk about him (Taffy Bubblegum especially does not talk about him). Taffy performed valiantly as a wing man on that one, but it just wasn't meant to be.

So as we were swapping crush stories, it became apparent that she had no idea about the Belgium. Which is odd, because nearly all my friends at some stage have gone to Fyshwick Markets so that they could see the Belgium. Have I ever told you about the Belgium? Worlds most misdirected crush. The Belgium and I flirted madly over deli items for months. Spoke in German from time to time...talked about food and truffle infused cheese. Turned out he lived around the corner from the yellow house, and he would ride past my house on his rickedy bike...oh heart be still. Then, as a result of some sleuthing, it was discovered the Belgium is gay. A nice gay man who likes to be charming. Damn you Belgium!

It is sad to be crushless, so the Russian is hell bent on finding me one - though after her story I'm not to sure. It went like this. "I had a crush on a man for weeks, and then one day I put on my glasses and it turns out he was old".

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