Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cornelius Brown, Crate Men in Brisbane

Amazing public art via Cornelius Brown at Unurth. To see more go to
Cornelius Brown, Crate Men in Brisbane - unurth | street art


  1. Now I think that kind of stuff is really clever. It's amusing, but I also just admire the people who think this kind of stuff up. Sure, it's sometimes easy to say with art "I could do that", but I think the key thing is being able to have the idea in the first place. A good execution of the idea helps, but it's the idea that's important. And I just never think to do stuff like that. Hmm, just realised. I'm probably a little jealous.

  2. And I'm sure lots of people have ideas that they never act on, but yes I also admire those clever big ideas!