Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Williamsburg end of Belconnen

Proof that there is a little bit of Brooklyn in Belconnnen.

The neighborhood in Williamsburg is a magnet for young people and is an influential hub for indie rock and so-called "hipster" culture.

Hello! Belconnen Mall! If that isn't a great hang out full of indie hipsters - I just don't know what is. I spent a few hours there today with a young indie hipster and it was certainly a hub of culture and all things crazy. I saw a girl walk out of Dan Murphy's with a case of Passionpop. Rock and Roll and a connoisseur of viniculture all in one!

Intellect - Williamsburg is a haven for smart, indie hipsters. Belconnen same same and proof of that was found at Boost juice. I mean, I hadn't thought about the fact that there are different ways to spell Gina. Never, ever occurred to me. But at Boost - they were all over it, analysing the spelling, strategically thinking, being intellectual. And I learned from it. There is Gina, Geena, Jina, Jeena, and probably a dozen more combinations. They also made the observation that even though a name is spelt one way, they will probably mispronounce it the other. The question begs to be asked as to why you need to spell a name correctly if you are just going to yell out over loud dance music and mispronounce it anyway....

Anyway, I digress. Belconnen is more Williamsburg than Williamburg is Belconnen and that's that.

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