Sunday, May 16, 2010


My mum sometimes writes funny emails that I maybe sometimes share with friends. They are written in Genglish (German / English), and because English is her second language, the writing always contains inappropriate capitalisations that just make for awesome reading.

So, she was on holiday last week and I got a postcard from Hahndorf, which I was going to share, but then came this email:

Hallo ,we are back in Sydney .

We had a lovely time in Adelaide ,Barossa but Hahndorf was a bit disappointing . That we went on a Wednesday did not help .

The drive from Wagga Wagga to Mildura was not nice , as we drove through a Locust plague .We had to wash the Car and there the nice young Man told us to put Fibroglass Flymesh on the front of the Car . We did that on the way back .Anyway we found out that we did not want to drive around Australia in a Caravan .

It says everything that postcard said but more.

Note to any family members who read this blog (that would be all one of you) lets just keep this posting to ourselves, okay?


  1. Um, LOL. (I feel so dirty writing those acronyms!) Your Mum is awesome.

    My Mama only ever writes postcards to me telling me about the food that she has eaten...

  2. What posting? I see no posting.