Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Xian Cun

I've watched this village slowly crumble since I arrived in Guangzhou and I sense there are not many more weeks left for the stoic folk who have held fast to their lot.

A big wall has been build and temporary accommodation for construction workers has been assembled, there are police and security - but some of the residents still hang on. 

Such a gorgeous little community amongst the rubble. Temples, phone accessory shops, vegetable stalls, fish mongers, restaurants, barbers and clothes repair stalls. People gossiping, eating, shopping and living. If you can believe what you read for those residents still hanging on by a thread, their lives have been turned upside down. They can't leave their house for fear it will be demolished. Some have been bullied and hassled and worse. And still they stay. 

I wish they'd at least keep part of this village. It's prime real estate for sure but one day when every little piece of this is gone and replaced by multi-storey units - you just end up with another China big city scape. But then who am I to make wishes when there are probably hundreds of people wishing that they can simply just keep their homes. 

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