Friday, January 12, 2018

36 hours in Bangkok - what I did and how I did it

Basically I just did what Will and Christine told me to do. 

I stayed at Cabochon Hotel (Sukhumvit Soi 45) where the vibe was old style colonial mansion...mainly because the hotel was housed inside one. Great restaurant and solid cocktails. They made my basil, lemon, pineapple and gin cocktail to measure (not sweet) consistently every time (great dirty martini too!).

I whiled the day walking around Thonglor. Coffee at Ink and Lion, which is excellent and a great gallery space too followed by lots of window shopping. I then lunched at Supanniga Eating Room and browsed vinyl at Bungkumhouse Records and then grabbed a sneaky cocktail at Quince. 

All in all, relaxing day and a bit, having allowed myself the freedom to not do anything remotely touristy with one main goal: to eat Pad Thai. Completed that goal within the first 90 minutes of landing (there was a really really long taxi queue ok?)

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