Friday, September 29, 2017

The town with the unpronounceable name...Jönköping

Turns our holidays in Sweden are fun. Also turns out that Swedish folk are really polite and it took about the 17th time of me mispronouncing Jönköping to understand how really awesome they are. "Oh you are pretty close" they'd say...oh I really wasn't.

So Jönköping is about a two hour train ride from Gothenburg - or about 3 and half hours if you think the train you are on is going straight to that destination and you don't get off. 

Once you sort all that out, it's an easy place to visit. I actually stayed in a little town about a 20 minute bus ride away. Hot tip with that, if you also pick the very same Airbnb, go buy all the groceries you need first. Also download the really handy local bus app. The taxi was really expensive, the bus is cheap and goes there often.  Other hot tip. You can't buy alcohol over 3% at Swedish supermarkets. If you want to get liquored up, go to one of the government bottle shops and buy some booze.

I can highly recommend Jönköping for a relaxing few days. Maybe go more around the warmer months - the water is beautiful, but bracing at the start of Autumn.

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