Sunday, September 11, 2016

The weekend that was

Friday night work drinks in a new area close to the office in the middle of an art space. Free fruit platter with bonus smoke effects made for a pleasant addition to the boutique beer!

Saturday morning mooching around the new 1200 bookshop with my favourite impending parents, followed by some time stalking a scottie dog and then a successful trip to ikea.  A haircut, some grocery shopping and a pleasant night in with roast chicken for dinner and a cheeky Canberra rose for company.

Sunday, with some encouragement, I discovered the leather market. This is a very dangerous event for someone with a penchant for handbags like me....Recovered from the markets with a late Yum cha lunch during a big, dark, tropical storm.  Nap times at home and a relaxing evening slow cooking lentils and salmon. 

Now it's dark and I'm surrounded by neon and quiet, and I think how great is it to still be a visitor in a place I call home. 

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