Sunday, June 5, 2016

Belon - Hong Kong

I had wanted to go to Australian chef James Henry's restaurant Bones when I was in Paris, but missed out.  Who would have thought I'd get the opportunity to do that so much closer to home.

Belon.  The restaurant you can go to only 3 hours away from China and feel like you are smack bang in the middle of Paris.

I can't begin to explain how wonderful this restaurant is. The most gorgeous interior of teal blue leather and classic bistro lights. 

And the food. The sourdough bread. Warm, fresh, sourdough. The charcuterie - melt in your mouth pork. Organic chicken (sourced from the New Territories in Hong Kong) stuffed with chicken livers and herbs and cooked to perfection. Ice cream infused with potato skin a very clever and amazing dessert. An interesting wine list of organic wines predominately from France. The best waitstaff - attentive, interested and friendly without being overly familiar. In a way its probably a good thing that this place is 3 hours away.

41Elgin Street, Central Hong Kong.

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