Tuesday, December 29, 2015

China - the weeks that were

There were border crossings by train and by foot, and trips to the glorious countryside. Blue sky and fresh air, and fanging around on bikes. Cooking together, sharing meals , drinks and memories. 

I'm lucky I've had so many friends visit me in just shy of six months. And when these two left it reminded me of how I'm so close to home and far away all at once. What I miss in the everyday is made up in sharing my adventures, favourite places, frustrations and life in G to the Z. 

Thank you for being a part of my adventures - both those who have been to visit, those who have plans and those who watch from afar (and my new friends nearby in G to the Z too). Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing here, in a place I barely chose, and then I think of tiny snapshots of time. Cups of tea, yahtzee, cocktails, cold beer, bad mulled wine and good company. Those were the weeks that were.

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