Sunday, September 13, 2015

China - week 10

A week of food. There were dumplings, pork, steak night, fajita night, pickled radishes, chrysanthemum leave salad, german bread, and even popcorn at a live music venue. Fresh popcorn. Genius! And this week I've noticed all of a sudden there are mandarins everywhere! 

What else? A well travelled work visitor from Australia who provided interesting dinner conversation and some drunk music lovers provided enthusiastic gig conversation. Oh, and a nearly three year old provided entertaining conversation about cars, zombies and watermarks. 

There was a dark green storm with torrential rain, and then days where I swear there was almost a coolness in the air.  Another Friday night walking through the mall after work drinks. Such a lovely atmosphere with the whole city out and about - roller-bladers, joggers and people just strolling. And also there was a corgi. And a friendly corgi at that.

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