Friday, July 3, 2015

Last hurrahs - Sydney style

It really does suck to make so many people you love unhappy. But on the up side it is really great to have an excuse to mooch around Sydney. These few days have seen me  playing with Joe the dog, lunching in Surry Hills then retracing my steps around all the places that mean a lot to me in the city. Then lunch on a bowling green with that quintessential harbour view. And then exploring the harbour, scarpering through the bush and under tunnels to see the most beautiful outlook such a city could offer, with some of my favourite people.

Dinner at a place that screams Sydney - high ceilinged warehouse space,house cured meats, excellent negroni (medicinal of course to fix a sore throat) and top company. And then a morning drinking coffee in Artarmon and then crying a whole coffee cup full of tears around the North Shore, holding hands and feeling small in the bigness of it all. 

Then lunch in the big smoke with my Mum - the dream of oysters by the harbour turned into the reality of last minute shopping but a solid ramen at Westfields.

It is funny that being here these last days makes me lament that I haven't spent enough time in Sydney with the ones I love. What was funnier was when that all got too sad I just wanting to go home. And then I realised I don't have one of those right now....but I'm sure in a hop, skip and a jump you'll all be seeing a China style house in the u. A home full of bunting and colour and little bits - just in a more exotic location.

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