Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Road trip around the Huon Valley

A beautiful drive through apple orchards, bushland and untouched coast.

Cygnet is a place I could live, mainly to drink coffee and eat addictive walnut pastries at the Lotus Eaters Cafe. I also have fond memories* of a horsey bag I found at a great vintage shop called Trove, that I wanted but left behind.

We passed countless cute roadside stalls selling fruits, jam and the like and I never got tired of seeing those beautiful apple trees (though my co-driver might have got sick of me yelling out "APPLES" at every turn).

Oyster Cove is worth going to if you are staying in the area for a while and need to stock up on fresh local produce, including local crab apples! Grandvewe Cheese off the Channel Highway is also worth a detour, and next time I'd stay for lunch just to take in those views. 

Basically, there is nothing like fanging around the Tasmanian countryside in a Nissan Micra, rescuing goats and feeding mini ponies.  


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