Wednesday, June 25, 2014

10 Most underrated Australian songs

Andrew P Street wrote his list of the 10 most underrated Australian songs here the other day. To be honest, it's tempting just to list the ten bands I used to see once or twice a week for those few years in Sydney - You Am I, The Welcome Mat, Glide, Smudge, Hummingbirds, Ratcat, the Hard Ons, Godstar...God knows there is the potential for every song to have a connection to Nic Dalton. But no, instead of reminiscing - I'm going to be selective. Sort of. 

Fuck it - I'm going to drink a glass of hard liquor and play a bunch of vinyl until after midnight and argue with myself about what makes the ten.

The Clouds - 4pm. It could be any song off Loot. It was an EP I played over and over again. Jangly guitar, wonderful melody and Jodi Phyllis has the most beautiful voice.

Smudge - Divan. Not my favourite Smudge song (that would be Tea Toast and Turmoil), but this song just proves the bands underrated-ness. Tom Morgan writes amazing song (s). The Lemonheads perform amazing song (s). Everyone loves the Lemonheads. Meanwhile I love Smudge and have the T-shirts to prove it.

Machinations - Average Inadequacy. This is in lieu of the Models, I Hear Motion, because while I think this is an underrated song and should totally feature on APS's list - the Machinations were underrated times a million. 

The Saints - Any song from Know Your Product before Chris Bailey ruined it for everyone Probably the most underrated band in the universe. Pretty much kicked off the punk genre and nobody in Australia would have the faintest idea. Still. Nearly 40 years later.

Bernie Hayes - You Made Me Hard. I can only find the Whitlams cover online so you could listen to that and then imagine something a whole lot better. I have a soft spot for the Hayes brothers, but beyond that, this song is just beautiful and the album 'Every Tuesday, Sometimes Sunday' is a gem.

The Meanies - Never. I bought an EP from Sandy's Record store because I was obsessed with anything limited edition. It was Lyin by The Meanies and I was hooked. I fell in love with Link Meanie, saw them whenever they toured Sydney and to this very day think they are one of the most underrated Australian bands from the 90's. 

The Go-Between - Cattle and CaneMuch is written about this song, particularly about Lindy Morrison's drum beat. The Go-Betweens are underrated in the sense that their songwriting is just a thing of wonder. And not enough people notice that in Australia.

Dirty Three - Moon On The Land. The Dirty Three make music that you just get lost in. 

Hummingbirds - Get On Down. Ok so I'm reminiscing. At art school I did a series of paintings about this song. That's how much I loved it and how cliched I was (am)

Welcome Mat - Landspeed. I once saw The Welcome Mat and I was one of two people there. 

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