Monday, February 3, 2014

Happiness is it

Best decision I ever made to stay home and holiday, for the dog of the house and for me. It's kind of changed my perspective a bit and made me think about what really makes me happy, and quite frankly - I'm a pretty simple girl in that respect. 

Not washing my hair and not caring about what it looks like makes me happy (well maybe caring a little bit). Making silly drawings and charts makes me happy. Lunchtime catch up with friends makes me happy. Afternoon beers on a hot summers day makes me happy. Losing at scrabble and pool makes me happy. Iced coffee makes me happy. Reading a book to kill time makes me happy. Driving to the highlands for the day makes me happy. Laps at the pool make me happy. Cocktails and googly eyes make me happy. My new dymo printer makes me happy. Mangos make me happy. Spending time with old friends and new friends makes me happy. Picnics in the setting sun make me happy. Listening to good now music and bad 80's music makes me happy. Homemade icy poles make me happy. Fireworks make me happy. The sun filtering through trees makes me happy. Dinner cooked for me makes me happy. My dog makes me happy. Silly talks and serious talks make me happy. Standing under the sprinkler makes me happy. Stars make me happy. Painting hearts make me happy. This right now, as silly as it is, makes me happy.

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