Monday, December 30, 2013

Little Brooklyn

Little Brooklyn is a new place opened up at Kingston at the old Holy Grail site. Same big cavernous space, same lack of atmosphere. It has a fit out that seems reminiscent of other Canberra venues and will be a welcome addition to Kingston I'm sure (large space, serves food, big screen TV's) but it aint no Filthy McFaddens.

The punkest kid in Canberra was quick to notice the lack of choice in American beers, and to be honest I hadn't actually thought about the potential there to theme up some of the bar and food choices to match the namesake. Given this place seems to not exactly stand out from the crowd that could have been a smart move if executed in a subtle way. A few boutique American beers, a proper leaning to a modern American menu and things could get interesting. Next thing you know Kingston would be awash with bearded men wearing cardigans and work boots and the whole of Green Square will be defaced with knitting bombs. Girls wearing leggings under dresses and saltwater sandals would hop on their vintage bikes to ride back home through the streets of Williamsburg Narrabundah…hang on. I've become my own cliche again, haven't I?

Even so, Little Brooklyn is a good option to meet up with friends and the service and food wasn't as nearly as terrible as some of the reviews I've read. The staff were friendly enough and the food was alright without being great or horrible. While a pint of beer was $11, my gin and tonic (with Tanqueray) was a well priced $8.50. I look forward to seeing the upstairs area once it is finished - it looks like it would be a great place to hang out and look over Green Square drinking gin and tonics (or whatever it is that hipsters drink these days - filtered coffee?). Will report back.

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