Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm not sad that this is closing...

There. I said it. I tried to keep an open mind but Italian / Indian fusion is just not my thing. Should it be anyones thing? This could be debated (fact). That being said, I did enjoy the company, especially that of Bob*. So..the food. Now brace yourself. Some things might seem very wrong and a there is a whole lot of brown. If your name is Drendan Bowling hit the back button NOW.

Mozzarella - paneer fritter. Sort of not wrong

 Feta naan - not wrong

Some sort of weird curry risotto - wrong

Navratan gnocchi - kind of not wrong but I ate it.

Terrible painting - so wrong it is right 

*Great guy (though he did eat the last piece of feta naan, which I thought was a bit presumptuous) 


  1. The best part about this Bob, is your website:

  2. I'm glad you like my website.... I learned that at EY.

  3. They are not closing but just de-fusioning, which I on the other hand am very very sad about. No more vege paneer risotto for me....and the only place in Canberra left that did GF pasta for me :(

  4. That is a good point about the not closing, and while I am sympathetic to the many of you who will be sad for the lack of fusion....I just didn't feel the fusion love.

  5. awwww im sad i love this place (noting that I have not actually eaten here)! one of the last places in this world that play the Backstreet Boys

  6. Well - as I was corrected, they aren't closing just not doing fusion food. Backstreet Boys live on!