Thursday, July 18, 2013

The bus

Tonight I took the dog for a brisk walk. It was dark and the roads all inky wet as we meandered past the big Russian church. This time we walked on the big road - the one with four lanes and lights. A bus pulled in, letting commuters off to make their way home. You know how buses are lit up with fluorescent lights? Well it made it feel like I was in a city. The big road, the big bus. And me...I felt small. And then with a smile I remembered the times we would walk to the bus. How I wished I could explain to the little dog what was happening, when one minute you were there and then you would walk into the room with wheels and vanish.  The little dog was always upset and never did understand where you had gone. And conversely the times we would meet you at the stop near the KFC and you would appear like magic and the little dog would be so happy.  Sometimes he'd try and jump up on your suit. It took years for the little dog not to look expectantly at buses....slowing down to a halt and straining his neck to see. It took years, but he doesn't do that now. I don't know if that makes me happy or sad. 

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