Friday, June 28, 2013

10 reasons why today was great

1. Tea in bed while playing scrabble, as the rest of the world goes to work - dog snoozing on the bed next to me
2. Clean house - fresh sheets
3. Visit from my favourite Bowral family (well just over half of them)
4. Escargot at Autolyse 
5. Shopping at Lonsdale Traders through all the little pop up shops. Browsing and buying, browsing and wanting
6. Walking amongst the knitted trunks at the Arboretum, flashes of colour in woods, surprise forts and laughter
7. Lunch at Loading Zone (pasta, bread, apple coleslaw)
8. Perfect cup of piccolo 
9. Walking the dog through the winter leaves
10. Homemade cocktails while watching the West Wing, followed by a cup of tea.

Full circle.

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