Monday, May 13, 2013

Asia Pacific Triennial

I have to admit, I forgot about the 'pacific' part of this exhibition and spent some time wondering why this artwork from PNG was included. PNG is not in Asia - I'm pretty good with geography....just bad at remembering.

I went to the very first Asia Pacific Triennial, many years ago in Brisbane, when the town was home to a girl I knew and we loved. I can't remember if she came too. I do remember her coming to the Matisse exhibition held at the same gallery, but Matisse isn't Asian or Pacific, so I should just shut up now.

We don't see much contemporary artwork coming out from the Pacific. The Mary set in particular is of interest to me. Icons in row, multiples - all the same but slightly different. Little built things in a row. 

I was lucky to see this last week as the Triennial had shut up shop. If you are even in Brisbane when it is on - go!

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