Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Place & Yours - What's in Your Bag

This weeks theme comes from over here, and it is all about looking into peoples bags.

Now, it is no coincidence that I chose to show you my bag today. You see, I tend to change bags every day or so, and my work bags are chaotic. You have no idea what you'll find in one of those. It would have been more interesting for you, but quite the embarrassment for me.

So here is the bag I took on my trip to rendezvous with a dear friend in Goulburn. It would have to be a pretty good friend to drive all the way to Goulburn to eat sausage mince hamburgers at an old school diner - so I probably didn't need to emphasise the strength of our friendship...but then it was a bit risky having you think I go to Goulburn regularly for a good meal out. Anyway, it turns out Goulburn is alright and quite an interesting town, so you should stop ragging on it. Stopped? Here is the contents of my bag:

Click here to check out what is in other peoples bags.


  1. Love your Red bag and all so tidy too

  2. Maybe at the end of the week I should out myself and show you my work bag...

  3. Its a pity they don't have a Succulent Cafe in Goulburn. I'd meet you there every Sunday! xx

  4. that red bag is divine and the contents are quite well coordinated with the bag. lovely

  5. Based on blog readerage research, I deduce, that your possessions are all based upon the primary colour triad? Yellow house, Red Bag and contents.
    You may need to paint either Barney or your Hello Kitty things Blue to make my deduction correct.
    PS I like your taste in lippy and cute speech bubbles.

  6. Another lady who loves red ... and you really love red! Totally gorgeous.

  7. *drools*

    So much glorious red!

    I like it.

    I like it a lot.

    Thanks for sharing the gorgeous!